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What is Batch Cooking

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what is batch cooking


When looking at ways to save time and money in the kitchen you may have heard of the phrase batch cooking.  So what is batch cooking?

Batch cooking is simply making multiple meals and snacks at once so that they are ready to eat throughout the week, and it’s awesome! If batch cooking sounds like a good idea, but one you have never followed through with, at least not consistently, I’m here to remind you of why it’s such a good idea to put into action! Even if spending a longer amount of time in the kitchen at once doesn’t sound like fun, the benefits, I’m sure you will agree, are well worth it!

First, it saves time. Who doesn’t wish they had more time to do the things they enjoy? No one, that’s who! Think about it: the prep work part of cooking is what is so time-consuming on a daily basis, right? So, why not do something easy, like, cook a whole chicken and then make 3 different meals out of it to eat throughout the week?

Bam! You just saved yourself several hours in the kitchen by doing it all at once instead of bit by bit each day. Batch cooking helps you get stuff done all at once so that you can get out of the kitchen. Sounds like a plan to me! I like to batch cook on the weekend so that I have most of the meals for the week made up in advance. This means when I drag home at the end of the work day, I have more downtime to enjoy with my family.

Secondly, it’s healthier! It can be a real challenge to stick to a healthy eating plan when you are making meals from scratch every night of the week. This leads to grabbing food on the go, even though you know you will pay for it later. Then, the guilt seeps in…once more, you “fell off the wagon” when life got busy. Batch cooking means no longing giving into picking something up for dinner before heading out to your kid’s next activity. You will also be cooking foods when they are really fresh, which means your body will enjoy more of the nutrients they offer.

Finally, it’s cost-effective. Let me ask you: how often do you purchase healthy, perishable foods at the grocery store with every intention of making wholesome, homemade meals with them, only to throw them away a week later? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But I don’t do that now that I batch cook. I have a day that I set aside to cook my little heart out, putting those healthy ingredients to good use, and then I have less waste and lower grocery bills. Great combo, huh?

So, I’ve convinced you? I knew I would! And it’s easy to get started! Remember all that Tupperware you have in the back of your cupboard? Go grab it and put it to use. It’s also good to have several different sizes of food storage bags to store foods in.

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what is batch cooking

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