Testimonials - Better Meal Plans


My favorite part: The grocery list!! 🙂 20 dishes breaks this down better than any other menu planning site I've seen.
Sheri Salatin
wife of Daniel Salatin
Thank you for your call the other night. Such personal service! I was so surprised, I could hardly carry on a conversation! I look forward to exploring your site and your program.
Kathy J
You guys are so quick to answer questions and fix things. It is a nice change of pace to get good customer service! Thanks!
Carrie H
High praises for the Sticky Chicken and Cucumber and Tomato Salad. My husband said, “Tonight’s meal was restaurant quality. The chicken was phenomenal and the cucumber salad was the best cucumber salad I’ve ever had.” Yay!
Marla M
TOO MANY CHOICES!! LOL (sorry for yelling) I check off AIP, Paleo & GF so that I don’t miss out on any new recipes but there are so many choices that I want to try! Not enough days (or meals) in the week for them all! I love this services J More: It really is a great service… you have some rockin’ website techs… and just keeps getting better and better…you ideas for new features are exactly what we need!
Jane G
My dad sent this to me… he knows me too well!!! So I told him that’s one thing I appreciated about 20 Dishes… It’s recommended to NOT shop and prep on the same day. And I’m not even cooking on shopping day, either. This week, it didn’t feel like a failure like it has before, it feels like strategy!
Ayme B
This Crock-Pot will be the best of the top five crock pots ever done by you recipe. Pure divine meat melted in my mouth with a pepperoncini flavor that was to die for. Brilliant. Even though it went in the fridge tomorrow would be twice as good I guarantee it especially overnight margination holy Jesus.
Patti F
Oh sweet goodness! I am feeding a family of 7 … sometimes 8 … strict AIP compliant dinners. We have 5 kids 10 and under… You can imagine, finding a meal that everyone loves is quite the challenge. Lately we’ve needed to add some more mushrooms onto our diet to up our Vitamin D uptake and so I tossed some into the Lemon Asparagus Chicken recipe I had on the menu this week… THE ENTIRE family loved it! Like not just ate it, but all but one had seconds! So. Whoever created that one THANK YOU!
Melissa C
I was a subscriber to another once a month cooking plan but I’ve already used 20 dishes more than I used that plan in a year or so! We are eating more vegetables and I’m spending less time in the kitchen- winner!!! Thank you!
Anna R
Day 2 on the AIP menu. Last night was the Sausage & Veggie… very YUM. Even better that I had leftover to put on my salad for lunch today. Tonight was Lemon Asparagus Chicken. Also YUM! I can’t wait to see what recipes will be added on Friday!!!
Paula B
This webinar is amazing and 20dishes and you ladies have really rocked my world. I have struggled for years to transform my kitchen and pantry to paleo/gluten free but had such trouble managing to actually make food for my family. My husband and I both work three jobs and have a daughter in high school and a very medically fragile intellectually disabled son who is living with inoperable cancer. We are learning the hard way that our health is truly vital to our children in that we live long enough to outlive out son who would perish under public services but years of no sleep and high stress have started to really take their toll. 20dishes has given us a way to enjoy doing prep as a family on Sunday and actually be able to eat real food on a regular basis. I would love to say we do it every week but life doesn’t work that way for us. But when we do use it… life is good. I would love to have a way to show this particular video to my husband as it addresses issues that we “struggle” with like keeping clean counters, putting things where they belong, saving jars, etc and he would hear it from the lovely Orleatha and not his “nagging wife” Also I think it would be helpful for him to see the goal of what I am trying to get us to do. Is there anyway to show this past tonight at 9pm? Once again THANK YOU so much for showing us a way to live healthy, frugally, and realistically. You all have changed my world for the better.
Kimberly S