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How to Cut Onions without Crying

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Searching for a way how to cut onions without crying? You won’t believe how simple this tip is and it’s right in your pantry!

how to cut onions with no tears

Onions are a delicious kitchen staple, are low on calories and are enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Onions have been used for centuries to help reduce inflammations and heal infections.

Onion juice not only makes amazing potato latkas but you can put it on a bee sting for immediate pain relief!

However, as everyone from top chefs to culinary novices has learned, onions bring on the tears quicker than a Nicholas Sparks’ movie.

The reason onions are natural tear jerkers is because they produce the chemical irritant known as syn-propanethial-S-oxide.    This irritant turns into a gas that turns on the flood when they hit your nerve sensors.   In Japan they went so far as to create a tear-less onion but it lacked the flavor of traditional onions.

Now you’ve probably heard of several ways to stop this from happening, my favorite is Onion Goggles, yes this is a real thing!

Some other ways how to cut onions without tears:

  • Store your onions in your refrigerator and cut them when they are cold.
  • Light a match and place the match between your teeth when you are cutting an onion
  • Submerge the onion in water when you are chopping (I have no idea how this would work)

Well, cry no more. We will teach you how to cut onions without the tears (and it won’t involve holding an onion underwater.

Watch our video on how to cut onions:

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