“Introducing Better Meal Plans PRO The Meal Planner Made Specifically For Health & Fitness Professionals!”

Meal Planning For Your Own Clients Just Got Super Easy!
(And Also Much More Profitable For You!)

Meal Planning For Your Own Clients – Simplified!

Meal planning can be a tricky thing to do from scratch, no matter if you’re trying to do it on your own or for one of your own clients. If you’re a professional in the health or fitness industry, then you already understand how important meal planning can be to help boost the success of your own clients.

By establishing the perfect meal plan for your clients, you’ll be giving them a wide-range of benefits that can transform their own health from the inside-out. And not only that, it will allow your clients to not only eat healthier in order to get great results, but it’ll also take away all the tedious tasks and stress of meal planning for them.

You’ll be offering them an invaluable service that will improve their overall health and happiness in an easy and consistent way. Plus, it’ll not only help your clients stay on the right track for better health and nutrition, but it’ll also help establish new habits of healthy eating – with less work on their part (and yours!).

Now thanks to Better Meal Plans PRO, you’ll get everything you need to provide consistent, reliable and even flexible meals plans specifically for YOUR own clients.

A Closer Look at Better Meal Plans PRO…

(Made For Health & Fitness Professionals)

Better Meal Plans PRO is perfect for professionals just like yourself who are in the health, wellness and fitness industry that includes:

  • Nutritionists
  • Dietitians
  • Wellness Coaches
  • Fitness Leaders
  • Fitness Trainers

Or, just about anyone else in the health/wellness industry who works with clients who may need well organized and nutritionally-structured meal plans to help them reach their own personal goals.

Better Meal Plans PRO has been specifically created for professionals just like yourself who want a solid meal planning service that you can offer to your own clients – but in a complete DONE-FOR-YOU way.

Our exclusive meal planner system comes with everything you and your own client will ever need including…

  • Fully-Customizable & Tailored Meal Plans!
  • Specialized Meal Plans (Specialized Diets)!
  • Vital Nutrition Information and Much More!!
  • The Easy Ability To Add Notes For Clients!
  • Highly Adaptable To Any Nutritional Program!
  • Easily Accessible Meal Plans + Shopping Lists!


Higher Client Satisfaction. Greater Results. Increased Earnings!


When you invest in Better Meal Plans PRO, you’ll get access to all the meal plans necessary to tailor to your own client’s specific needs (no fads, no gimmicks, etc.). This will allow you and your client to take a more holistic approach to nutrition and health that simply makes sense.

Better Meal Plans PRO provides amazing FLEXIBILITY. It can be structured specifically to your own client’s dietary needs (Keto, Paleo, Vegan, etc.) in order to give them the greatest results. By having a workable meal plan that they can easily follow, it’ll also help them avoid getting frustrated or even giving up. And, it’ll give them a wide-variety of tasting meals that they will actually love to eat! This means…

No hassles. No headaches. And no guesswork for your clients. Just EASY!

Better Meal Plans PRO allows for a truly unique and powerful (and very personal) collaborative experience between you and your clients. You can help assist them with tailoring their meal plans, OR they can put together the elements themselves using your own guidelines. This way they will learn how to live and eat healthier on their own. This way it won’t feel like a dreaded diet – it’ll actually be enjoyable for your clients. No more feeling like they don’t have time to plan out healthy meals. This makes it super easy!

And last but not least, the benefits for YOU as a health and/or fitness professional…

Better Meal Plans PRO allows you to easily offer custom meal plans in a very easy way to all of your own clients. Not only will this benefit your clients and their own health, but they will THANK YOU for the service.

When you join today, you’ll get access to your own personal dashboard as well where you can manage all of your clients right at your fingertips. You can add new clients, change meal plan settings, or even add notes in just a few seconds!

And of course, since your Better Meal Plans PRO yearly subscription comes with everything you need for your clients  this means you’ll be able to boost your own revenues and earnings as well. It’s a total WIN-WIN for both you and all of your clients.

This is a fantastic investment for any health or fitness professional like yourself who not only wants to give their clients effective (and tasty!) meal plans for any type of diet or need, but it also benefits your bottom-line as well.


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20 Clients


$ 49.99 / Month

40 Clients


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I was a subscriber to another once a month cooking plan but I’ve already used Better Meal Plans more than I used that plan in a year or so! We are eating more vegetables and I’m spending less time in the kitchen- winner!!! Thank you!
Anna R
THANK YOU LADIES!! I don't mean to yell but you have made my life SO much easier. Even with picky eaters and special diets, you have made getting dinner on the table a breeze! Today it took me 10 minutes to get dinner on the table!

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other plans,we help your clients prep their week of meals so it’s takes the stress out of cooking out of the picture. 

On this day, you will follow our step-by-step guide to prep-ahead your entire week of meals in about an hour!(or less!)

The day that you enjoy your delicious (and easy) meal.

Every week we send out a curated meal plan.  You can either leave it as is for your client or go in and easily make changes to their meal plan.  You can also leave notes on their dashboard. 

Yes. Besides providing plans for Keto, Real Food, Paleo, AIP, Gluten-Free and Lower Carb, you can customize your plan to exclude entire food groups or even single ingredients.

Our current price is $29.99/month for 20 clients and $49.99/month for 40 clients.