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80+ Recipes That Use Bone Broth

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80+ Recipes That Use Bone Broth // 20Dishes.com

We could all use more bone broth in our diets. Bone broth is considered a “superfood” because it has so many health benefits and is incredibly healing for your gut. Some of the healing properties include: reduces joint pain and inflammation, inhibits infections, fights inflammation, promotes strong, healthy bones, and promotes healthy hair and nail growth.

We love bone broth. It is often used as a healing aid in a variety of specific diets, but fundamentally, broth is simply a nourishing (and inexpensive) food that everyone should be consuming, regardless of whether you’re on a healing diet or not.

Most people do not enjoy sipping on a big mug of broth, but there are other ways to get more bone broth in. That’s why we’ve collected over 80 recipes that use bone broth, from soups and stews to main dishes and side dishes. Enjoy!

Soups & Stews

Main Dish – Beef

Main Dish – Chicken & Pork

Side (Vegetarian) Dishes

Other Dishes


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